Guest Post: Rogue Treasure, The Subscription Box for EVERY Fandom

Good morning everyone!

Today we’ve got a guest post from a dear friend of mine, Jordyn! She runs a few companies, but today we are featuring her BRAND NEW book subscription box, Rogue Treasure.

Jordyn and I actually met through a fandom group on Facebook. She wanted to create a group message for women to chat about books and life. Out of the thirty or so that wanted in, there’s about ten of us (maybe?) left. Honestly, they are some of the funniest, spunkiest women out there. I consider them to be great friends and some of the best women I have ever met.

Anyway, I’ll let her get into the details, but it’s unlike every other book box out on the market right now. Y’all should definitely check it out and give her a like and a share on Facebook!


My name is Jordyn and I am the idea person of Rogue Treasure, a new YA bookish subscription box shipping in April 2018! Your first thought might be, “Oh great another subscription box!” (Both with sarcasm and without!)

However, let me just say that we are a small company that is just trying to make sure that every possible fandom gets represented! A lot of boxes are focusing on upcoming releases or hyped-up books, but we want to include those fandoms that maybe came before the sub box days or even those fandoms that fall under the weight of some larger ones! Yes, we will still include those large fandoms for all of you super addicted Shadowhunters and Harry Potter fans!

The major thing that we do that no one else does is every month will have a fabric item. What’s a fabric item? Well I’m glad you asked! This is many things, such as, a t-shirt, scarf, booksleeve, tapestry, pillowcase, hand knitted item, etc.). When scrolling through thousands of comments from subscribers to other boxes, almost everyone wanted a wearable/fabric item of some sort, so we decided to be the company that delivered on this wish!

We are a company of total transparency, if you have a question, ask it, and we will answer! Everything we do is to make You the customer, happy! With this logic, prices were recently reduced to give you the best deal! We may not be a huge company, (yet!), but we can promise to do everything we can to do right by you and keep you happy!

Pre-Order is happening right now! So be sure to head on over to get your box today before they’re gone!

Always feel free to check us out at or on Instagram or Facebook!

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